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LAN in Dalmose

As I've mentioned before, we are working on setting up a LAN in our local community of Dalmose in western Zealand in Denmark. I've already posted various ideas, but this post will include addresses, dates, and further information. Note that all of this has not been 100% decided yet, so everything is subject to change.

What is it?
In 2016 our local community will be hosting 2 official LANs. LAN stands for Local Area Network, and refers to connecting multiple computers together in order to play the same game, at the same time, together or against each other. Instead of sitting at home playing over the internet, we're gathering people at our local community for a weekend to sit in the same space and play together or against each other.

LANs have evolved to include more than just computer games. There are sleep overs, breakfast, booths where you can buy electronics, and competitions where you can win prizes. We have Souless-Gamer running our LAN, and they are organizing three competitions: Counter Strike, League of Legends, and Hearthstone. They are also trying to recruit the Copenhagen Wolves Counter Strike team.

When is it?
We'll be hosting 2 LAN parties. The first one will May 27-29 and the second one will be November 4-6. The first one will be a start-up event to give us some experience since it's the first time we'll be hosting it. Souless-Gamer has some experience with it, and we're hoping to learn a lot at this event. We've set the limit to 100 people, but are expecting less than 50 to sign up. The LAN in November will be our first real LAN where we're hoping to attract over 100 people.

The LAN parties will run from friday afternoon (around 17:00 or something), until sunday noon (12:00). The reason we picked the two dates is because I'm expecting the LAN in November to coincide with Extra-Life and we might host some Extra-Life event. The party in May is set exactly 6 months before to give us some warming up and experience.

Where is it?
 Both LANs will be held at our athletics hall in Dalmose called Dalmosehallen. The address is Stationsvej 53, 4261 Dalmose, Denmark. It is located between the cities of Slagelse, Næstved, Korsør, and Skælskør in western Zealand in Denmark.

What makes this different from other LANs? 
The first LAN in May will be a standard LAN to give us some experience, but the LAN set up for November will include several unique features not available at other LANs in Denmark. This will include Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40k, and Dungeons and Dragons tabletop roleplaying game. Magic and Warhammer will have competitions, and I'll be running the D&D event. I still haven't decided how to run it or if we're even going to make it competitive like the rest of the events at the LAN party. I did come up with an idea to make it competitive, which you can read about in the previous post. Hopefully this will attract more attention to our LAN and give our local community the attention it deserves.

In the middle of February I'll attend another LAN setup by Souless-Gamer and I will definitely review it here. Next week, however, I'll write a little about christmas calendars, especially those related to tabletop roleplaying games. If you have any ideas on articles that we should write about, let us know on our Facebook page, or leave a comment.

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