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Elemental Evil Mini Adventures

If you've been following this blog, then you will have heard about my current 3.5 D&D campaign that I started 9 years ago. We are planning on resuming the 5th party to run the campaign here in June and I'm therefore working on the adventures themselves.

3.5 D&D
Due to holidays I fell behind on the adventure for my 3.5 campaign. I also fell behind on my blog posts, which is why I'm posting blogs every other day at the moment. In order for me to catch up, I'll need to double my work, which is easier done than said. I simply use my 3.5 games for the 5e adventures I had planned on creating for the DMsguild.

According to my plan, I should have been done with the "Elemental Corruptions" part of the adventure, which is the main part of the 11th level section of the adventure, which covers the players' attempt and foiling Ithilba's political corruption across the continent of Aspenta. I've created the outline for the adventures and the first one, but the rest have fallen behind schedule. Starting on monday, I should actually begin working on NPC descriptions and "Elemental Skirmishes", which is the part of the adventure that focuses on mass combat throughout the campaign.

5e version
Instead of pushing myself, I've planned to combine my 5e adventures that I am going to publish on DMsguild with my 3.5 game. This is done by creating mini adventures set in the Elemental Evil campaign, and adding a section in each adventure describing how to change the adventure to fit into the Elemental War campaign (which is my current 3.5 campaign set in my homebrew world of Aspenta). To make it even easier, I simply add the detailed NPCs in the appropriate adventures. This means I have until Easter to write and publish 6 adventures, which includes a mass combat adventure that covers 8 large battles.

Future mini adventures 
  1. The first adventure I'm writing will have the players investigate the death of an elven prince only to discover that the assassins are actually elementals.
  2. The second adventure will have the players fight their way through a squad of air elementals led by fog giants in an attempt to gather proof that they are about to betray a halfling city.
  3. The third adventure is a three-way political adventure that pits three human lords against one another. The players eventually discover that the lords were framed by elementals, who was trying to get the lords to fight each other.
  4. The fourth adventure is a dwarven adventure where the players will have to overcome the greed of a noble dwarven house and convince them who the real enemy is.
  5. The fifth adventure takes place in a magical realm where forgeries, illusions, charms, etc has taken hold of the government. The players will need to fight their way through the deceptions in order to save the government from an approaching elemental force.
  6. The last adventure will cover 8 battles between the players and the elementals. The adventure will cover the rules used, the standard strategies and potential battlefields for each battle, stats on enemies and friends, and how to actually run the battles and what consequences they have in the long run.

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