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Curse of Sunder - Death House

In an earlier post, I mentioned Curse of Sunder, a homebrew version of Curse of Strahd that we've started playing and streaming once per week.

The Party
The players decided to create a party of from the Freelands, which means they are playing elves and goliaths.
  1. Morad is played by an old friend of mine who streams the games on his gaming youtube channel. He'll be playing the elven fighter in the group, with a massive two-handed sword.
  2. Ei'wyn is played by a friend who I started playing rolegames with years ago. He'll be playing the elven cleric in the group, a character specialized in knowledge and spellcasting.
  3. Chrella is played by a new friend, a youtuber I met when working on D&Danmark. He'll be playing the half-elven ranger in the group, the scout.
  4. Salogel is played by a new friend whom I met at last years charity event. He'll be playing the goliath bard in the group, the support character.
We're streaming the games on various channels for two hours every week.
Furthermore, I'll also be creating short 10 minute videos where I remove all techincal stuff, irrelevant talking, and dice rolling (which I'm making visual instead). The videos are made so that you can listen to them as podcasts.

Session 1-3
The first three sessions covered the introductory adventure called Death House. The homebrew version is that the party was hired by an elf called Tilar Durst to recover his two grandchildren from the ruined city of Zehnos. I will try to avoid spoilers too much, since you can watch the videos here.

In short, the party explores Death House as it is described in Curse of Sunder, except there's another religion behind it. I changed the names to elven names, and use the house as a shadow crossing into the Plane of Shadows, which is where most of the campaign takes place. I also changed Strahd into a female shadar'kai called Sunder who is not a vampire, but has another dark secret.

The party avoids the house turning against them through very creative roleplaying at the end of the dungeon. They sacrifice a living being without sacrifing any party members, and appease the cult, which means the house doesn't attack them and they get to leave peacefully. For more details about how they do it, check out the videos.

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