lørdag den 30. januar 2016

Project Update

Not much has happened this week so I'm just giving a short update on my various projects.

3.5 D&D mid-level campaign
2½ years ago I started a campaign based on a story-line I've been running in my homebrew setting of Aspenta for the past 9 years. This campaign focuses on the end of the world caused by a time mage who destroys everything using elemental and chaos forces. The current party is the 5th party to play this story-line and they have reached the mid-level adventure.

Previously they have gathered information and magical items that should give them an edge against the elemental forces. They are aware that they will not succeed in stopping the end of the world. Handling/experiencing the end of the world is part of the last adventure. Currently, I'm working on the mid-level adventure which brings the players into a mass-combat war against the elementals. They will have to gather allies, outplay temporal mages, and fight in great battles to defend their homes. What will remain of that last continent is dependent on the party's choices, which will affect the end of the story-line.

I should be finished with this mid-level adventure by the end of May since I'll start working on the LAN/Extra-Life project at the beginning of June.  

1-on-1 5th D&D campaign
More than a year ago I wrote an adventure based on the Quest for Glory computer game. I was told by Sierra that I was not allowed to publish it, so I'm keeping it to myself. I'm playing through the first game with my wife in a 1-on-1 game where she plays a rogue, unfortunately we play very short sessions very rarely.

I have plans to write the second adventure as well once she nears the end of the first adventure, but for now she's still assembling materials for the dispel magic potion. Hopefully, we'll play again soon.

5th D&D gamemasters campaign
A new project that we started in December brings a group of players together who take turns being the gamemaster. The first gamemaster will finish his adventure in one week, and then we'll have our first transition. After that, my wife should be the third gamemaster and then I'll take over as the fourth gamemaster with my published adventure "Elfhunt. I'm guessing Elfhunt will begin at the end of spring.

LAN / Extra-Life 2016
In two weeks I'm visiting a LAN to gather inspiration for the LAN that is going to be held in our local community. We'll have a test run at the end of May, and after that we'll start planning the LAN in the first weekend of November where we'll include TRPGs, probably D&D 5th edition. No details concerning TRPGs at this LAN has been made yet, but the way things look like now, we'll probably host a D&D 5th edition 24 hour Extra-Life 2016 game where visitors will be able to attend the game, and others will be able to see us play live on Twitch.


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