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Real first session with multiple gamemasters

Less than a month ago I wrote an article about our first session with multiple gamemasters. We didn't actually play during that meet-and-greet, but we did create the foundation for our project and our characters. This week, however, we actually played our first session, which has been recorded and summarized by our GM Pelle. I'll set up a link when the story is official.

Missing Gamemasters
We had already created four characters. One of us, the gamemaster who created the half-orc (Gist), was going to be the DM for the next few sessions, so his half-orc wasn't going to be part of the game. We had two players who hadn't created characters, but one of them didn't come. We've had a newcomer to the group, but she was also indisposed. This meant that we were three characters  ready and a player who needed to create his character.

The Party
The three characters already created was the Aasimar Ranger (Tschepon) who was playing a bloodhound type character with a mix of melee and ranged combat along with a number of tracking skills. Our half-elf druid (Amber) was actually playing a character that grew up in an elven society. I had misunderstood that and thus my description of her character in the previous article was wrong. She was going to be playing a shapeshifter, but that requires a few levels, so she's sticking to a spellcaster druid to start with, a character reminiscing of Zyra from League of Legends. I myself had created a half-elf bard. Since the other half-elf grew up among elves, I decided that my half-elf grew up among a nomadic tribe of humans who hunted and gathered food in a forest/jungle environment and then traded in more civilized lands and cities. My bard was going to be a wanderer, a diplomatic type character focused on illusions and deception, which he had learned from his elven mother. I've defined his mother to be an illusionist, which is why my character is so keen on that type of magic.

The new character created became an elven monk (Akai) focused on combat and weapons. He would probably take a more magic oriented path in the future, but that would require a few levels. One of our missing players has also stated that he wants to play a wizard.

The Game 
With the party set, we started playing our first game. As part of the Order of the Black Phoenix, we were sent to the city Eastgate to set up a chapter of our order there. After months of work our order was up and running and we got our first contract. We were sent to get another member of our order and bring her back to Eastgate, a blue dragonborn called Lady Namur. The group synergy was surprisingly cooperative. We were good at coming with various plans and accepting each others' plans. The most notable example would be when we deviated from our main quest to search for a missing huntsman. We tracked him to a bandit camp where 11 thugs were keeping him captive. We made a plan where I cast Disguise Self on myself to enter the camp at night while most of the thugs were asleep. Using Minor Illusion I would try to distract the guards. I overdid my illusion though, and they attempted to wake up the camp. Tschepon and Akai were our plan B, so when they saw that things didn't go our way, they started to shoot at the guards while Amber ran in to help me get to the captured huntsman. We killed a few guards, freed the huntsman, and fled with the rest of the camp on our tale and two of our party members at 1-2 hit points.

There were a lot of other small details and choices that showed that even though we didn't exactly agree with one another, we found a solution and worked together, both ingame and outgame, which is something I'm sure will be very important once we start switching DMs.

Next Session
Our next session is already next week, where we're expecting to finish our first adventure and reach level 3. After that, we'll switch DM and start a new adventure created by another gamemaster, while our current DM will start playing with his half-orc. A very exciting development to our project, so stay tuned.

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