tirsdag den 29. marts 2016

First review received

In february I published the "Valentine Love Adventure" on the DMsguild. Now, 7 weeks later, I've sold 13 copies, but more importantly, I've gotten my first review on one of my adventures.

"This was a fun mod to put into my on going game. Might be good to have suggestions on how to make this for different levels as my PCs were at lvl 6 when I ran this."

I got 4/5 stars and I'm happy that it was a fun mod to put into a game. The review points towards a party of 6th level while the adventure was created for 1-3rd level since it was meant for new characters.

In the adventure itself I pointed out how to change the difficulty of the adventure to fit 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level characters. The same concept could have been used to change the adventure to 6th, 10th, even 20th level, so I'm a little confused about the last comment. I've decided not to put too much weight in it, and simply continue writing adventures in the same way I have thus far.

The next adventure will be Blackbrook Lockdown, which is already nearly 2 weeks late, and in April I'll also try to release a Forgotten Realms adventure using Ravenloft rules, if I can get my hands on the new book, and it contains what I'm hoping for (rules on playing an undead).

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