mandag den 14. marts 2016

Game Crafts - with Nina

Hello everyone,
I have never really seen this as a player myself, but I have always been fascinated with the idea of crafted items for roleplaying games.
It doesn’t need to be big fancy time consuming things that the GM spend hours and hours on. Even smaller things like a note, a wanted poster or things like that.

Now that I am preparing a game for our multiple Dungeon masters project (see more about that here) I decided to make a scroll.
It took like 15-20 minutes in total to make it and it just adds so much to the whole gaming experience. Or so I hope. And most of that time was spend on making the “magic seal” which is totally optional.

What you need:
A blank piece of paper
2-3 spoonsful of coffee
Simply just pour the coffee onto the paper and spread it all over with your fingers. Repeat on the other side of the paper and let it dry. And done.
If you want to have some printed text on your paper, I would suggest that you do that BEFORE you add the coffee. Not sure how well printers and coffee mix.
I then decided to add a “magic seal” to mine because it fits perfectly into my story (which I can’t reveal until after the game has been played, sorry)
I have ideas for many more quick and easy crafts so I hope my players find stuff like that fun.
And if not, then I will still have fun making them J
I hope you are all doing well.

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