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Conflict amongst Gamemasters

I would like to start by quoting something I wrote when we started the project in December: "how to handle internal and external conflicts, etc. The answer to all of it was quite simple. We would take a mature talk about it if it ever became an issue. This may seem like a dangerous plan"

Unfortunately it was the most dangerous plan. After this weekend's session, we have entered an internal and external conflict that isn't being resolved.

The Conflict
The conflict has mainly started internally. The characters are very different, they are members of the order for different reasons, they do quests for different reasons, they complete the quests in different ways, which is all things I appreciate about TRPGs. Difference in opinion and playstyle is quite alright, but in this latest session I experienced that half the party wanted to play a game with internal conflicts, meaning that our characters fought each other, both verbally and physically.

Example 1: At one point our half-orc rogue goes over to sniff an old man. The old man perceives this as weird and pushes him away by knocking on his head with his rod. Our rogue perceives this as a physical attack and smacks the old man on the head. This escalates into a fight where the rogue disarms the old man completely. Our druid is already uncomfortable about the situation, which has gone beyond her limit. I simply ignore the situation, but when the old man says that none of us or our order is welcome anymore, I become uncomfortable, since another player is ruining things for me.

Example 2: Our friend has been captured but after investigating the situation it appears that he's safe and amongst family. The rest of the party decides to leave without him while I stay to wait for him. I don't understand why the others are simply leaving, and by staying I also uncover a plot where our friend is trying to secretly destroy a family heirloom. We fail, but at least we get the heirloom and escape his family, but without the help of the rest of the party.

The Solution
I mentioned out game that I was unhappy about the situation for several reasons. Some of these reasons were the internal conflicts and I wanted to talk about them, as we agreed we would. After mentioning some of the situations, the answers I got was simply that it was role play and that it was too bad that I or anyone else was uncomfortable with the situation. I then mentioned that I didn't externally like to play a game with internal conflicts, but half the party said that it was the fun part about it, which was not something they had mentioned before. The final solution was that we all told each other what would trigger our characters' discomfort, but I don't see how that will help in the long run.

The Future
We have decided to continue playing, and personally I have decided to try to simply play with the group, avoid any conflicts even if it means playing my character wrong, and try to enjoy the game as much as possible. Internal conflicts will eventually split the group and cause more external conflicts, but hopefully now that we've gone over to the 3rd Dungeon Master, then we'll play a few sessions where conflict doesn't play as large a role and everything will become fun again. If not, then we'll have to split the group in two. 

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