fredag den 22. april 2016

LAN and Extra-Life

When I was asked to help set up a LAN event in my local community, I foresaw that it would take too much effort. Since I was already planning on running some D&D for Extra-Life, I thought that I could simply combine the two events and simply create one event. This changed yesterday.

There's a lot of planning when it comes to setting up a LAN, and I therefore sought a partner to handle the computer part, main part, of the event. I found an IT shop in Kalundborg, which hosted LANs and asked if he was interested in a partnership. He was very interested, but as the planning progressed it became clear that he had more than enough on his plate. He didn't take his phone, he didn't reply to emails, and he didn't attend meetings. He always apologized and explained about all the other things he was doing, and we therefore decided to look for another partner.

I was therefore put in contact with Sorby esports, and we are now working hard on setting up two LAN events in Dalmose, my local community. Setting up such an event takes time, and due to the change in partners, we decided to postpone both events. This means that I won't be running Extra-Life at our LAN event, and it also means that I suddenly have a lot more work.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about Extra-Life 2016. Extra-Life 2014 was held as an experience to try and play 24 hours D&D. Extra-Life 2015 was held because we had done so the previous year and it was fun. We spiced up 2015 by adding prizes, sponsors, and more advertisement. Unfortunately it wasn't an improvement, which has gotten me thinking about Extra-Life 2016 for the past ½ year now.

Right now, I'm thinking about the following:
  • Should I run Extra-Life 2016?
  • Should I maybe run another charity instead?
  • Should I run a competition?
  • How do I attract more viewers?
  • How do I get more donations?
  • What adventure should I run?
So if anyone reading this have any ideas or answers, please leave a comment.

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