tirsdag den 3. maj 2016

The Smile Foundation (SmilFonden)

Years ago I wanted to run a 24 hour D&D session. When Wizards of the Coast mentioned Extra-Life, I jumped on the project since it required players to run a 24 hour session. Furthermore, I had lost my son years earlier, so this was a way to help other families through the toughest times in their lives.

Last year I was wondering why I was running an American charity. I decided to make more out of it by including sponsors and give-aways to the event, but it wasn't as much of a success as I had hoped.

This year I decided to combine it with a project I was asked to run, where we would set up a LAN event in our local community. The event has been moved away from gameday and I therefore revised my plans for this year's large D&D event.

I decided to run another charity instead of Extra-Life and I therefore contacted the Smile Foundation (SmilFonden) here in Denmark, which is a foundation that hosts events at danish hospitals to give ill children a smile during their hospitalized stay.

My Presentation
I decided to present our setup to the Smile Foundation. I started out by presenting what we had done previous years for Extra-Life and what he had planned for our event at our local community. I then explained that we would host the charity event in the same format as Extra-Life and at the event at our local community, which has been moved to the beginning of 2017.

We would thus run a live session that we would stream over the internet so that both players and viewers could donate. We would set up teams of max 6 players that would run 4 hour games. Only voices would be recorded and we would then have someone run graphics on Twitch to give viewers a visual cue.

This event would thus gather donations through players and viewers. Players would have to pay to participate, and able to pay to create their own characters, gain more gold or magical items, extra rolls, and other such things. Viewers would be able to donate to charity and thus get shout-outs, the ability to insert monsters and encounters, help players through extra rolls or bonuses, or help foes by giving them extra rolls, health, bonuses, etc.

Now we're just waiting for a feedback from the Smile Foundation.

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