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DMsguild analysis

I've taken the liberty to make an in-depth analysis of my use of DMsguild, or rather my sales records, which I'd like to share. I've looked at 4 points: Items Sold, Items Downloaded, Items Total Monthly Value, Items Total Unit Value. Before I go through each of these points, I'd like to share an overview first.


The overview shows my five adventures that I put up on DMsguild. I put one up once per month from January 2016 to May 2016. Note that Kai Dynasty was put up as a free adventure, and thus it has no value. My first adventure Elfhunt is clearly my most successful adventure so far while my latest valued adventure from April called Blackbrook Lockdown is my least successful. The most logical explanation is that I put more time and effort into Elfhunt, which became a larger and more detailed adventure while Blackbrook Lockdown was a quick and short adventure. Still, I'd like to think that it's because the hype around the DMsguild has faded, and less people are now using it.

Items Sold
Items are sold in larger quantities in the first month after they've been published. The quantity is 2 to 12 times larger the first month than the rest of the sales, and make up 67% of my sales. This shows that I need to keep publishing new adventures. Valentine Love Adventure was sold the most on its first month.

Items Downloaded
If we disregard value and also take into consideration customers who download the adventure several times, the trend remains the same. The quantity of downloads is 2.3 to 7.8 higher the first month and make up 65% of the downloads, which confirms that I need to keep publishing new adventures. Elfhunt is my most downloaded adventure in its first month, closely followed by Kai Dynasty, which is my only free adventure. There are still 3 days left for Kai Dynasty to surpass Elfhunt, and I'm certain that Kai Dynasty will break the current record.

Items Total Monthly Value
Looking at how much I've earned from an adventure each month reveals a similar trend as previously with the exception of Blackbrook Lockdown. This adventure has so few sold copies and downloads that its value is strongly dependent on the few, and these few purchases have been low themselves, revealing that this adventure has truly been unsuccessful. An interesting trend is that adventures seem to be sold in batches every other month, which has occurred with a majority of my adventures so far. Elfhunt is my highest profit adventure.

Items Total Unit Value
Every time someone buys an adventure, they get to choose the price. Thus the average unit price of my adventures change every time I sell one. Elfhunt and Valentine Love Adventure started high and has fallen in price since while A Prince's Death and Blackbrook Lockdown has grown in value. The average price for one of my adventures is $0.73. If you like my adventures you should be paying around $1 but if you dislike them then you should only be paying $0.50.

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