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Weeks ago I wrote about the Smile Foundation, which I ended off with awaiting response on my presentation. They declined it and I was back to planning Extra-Life 2016.

One day, I was out getting pizza, and as I was waiting for my order to be ready I opened the local newspaper. There was an article about Børnecancerfonden, the Child's Cancer Foundation. This fit the profile of type of danish charity I was looking for. I had been declined by the Smile Foundation, so I decided to not get too excited and investigate further.

Their website was much better than the Smile Foundation and even catered to my need to have donors be able to leave a message. I contacted them, and after talking with them a few times, they approved my new pitch.

My Pitch
Since our LAN has been postponed to at least 2017, I've decided to go ahead with my charity game this year. I don't want to clash with Extra-Life, so I have moved my event to the weekend before, the last weekend of October.

I pitched the same setup that I've had at my two previous Extra-Life events with two minor changes.

1. We won't gather give-aways from sponsors, but I have decided to give-away adventures from DMsguild.

2. Last year we had enough signups for at least two groups, and I have therefore decided to possibly run with multiple gamemasters.

I have already created the donation site and have much to do. I have plans to update our poster, create a separate website that includes more information on the event (such as roster and donation effects), and start preparing the adventure on Roll20. I plan to advertise the event to shops and unions here in Denmark, and I hope you all will help me by spreading the word, participating in the event, and donating to charity.

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