tirsdag den 17. maj 2016

Project Update

As I mentioned in my last post, a lot has happened, and I therefore feel that it's time to summarize my various TRPG projects as I did back in january.

3.5 D&D mid-level campaign
I have created a massive campaign for my 3.5 game that's starting on June 1st. We'll be having a session 0 and then get the game running at a live session at the end of June. For the session 0 I've prepared an interactive map. If you click on the map, icons pop up, which you can move over and even click on to get information on that specific quest. This map is dynamic and will change through-out the course of the adventure. It is dependent on the choices the players make, and those they don't. I still need to set up a few last things for session 0, such as Roll20 and a check-list, but apart from that we should be ready to play.

1-on-1 5th D&D campaign
Our 1-on-1 game has progressed slightly since January with additional sessions having been uploaded to our youtube channel. My wife has gathered the ingredients for a Dispel Magic Potion, learned magic as an Arcane Trickster, and joined the local Thieves' Guild. I always look forward to playing with her, especially because she's not shy in describing her cool moves when she plays alone. The next plan is to investigate a mysterious note she found in the local tavern and retrieve the potion from the healer when she's done brewing it.

5th D&D campaign
Our gamemasters project has failed, as it has so many times in the past. Half the party wanted to play with internal conflict where we would spend most of our sessions verbally fighting ingame. The other half wanted to play a game together instead of against one another. The group has therefore split in two, and my half has found three new players. We have decided to start over at level 1 and then stick with 1 gamemaster. We still have a lot to sort out at session 0 before we launch this new campaign, and I'm hoping it will be a success, though I have my doubts about our young gamemaster.

LAN / Fundraiser 2016
The current status of the LAN is that it's been postponed. Recently, it was postponed indefinitely since the local athletics hall didn't actually have internet. They need to budget in new internet in their yearly finances, and this is something the board needs to approve. Until they do, the LAN is postponed. Even if they approve it tomorrow, though, the delay means that we won't be running our 2016 fundraiser at the LAN, although the 2017 will probably fit into the schedule. I have been thinking about running a more danish fundraiser than Extra-Life, but the Smile Foundation has declined our pitch. I have contacted the Childrens' Cancer Foundation, and we'll see if they may want us to host a TRPG fundraiser some time late autumn 2016.

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