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D&D Flowchart for Session 43

I'm currently working on preparing my 3.5 game that we'll be playing at the end of June. This will be our 43rd session, but the first session of the new Elemental War campaign. We had a session 0 where I got the players to indicate what their plans were, and from this I have been able to create a flowchart for session 43.

The players will begin by meeting up with each other after two years of being apart. They will be introduced to the setting and the campaign and have a chance to RP a bit before their meeting with the council.

M1: First Council Meeting
The players will be summoned to a meeting with a few dozen of the councillors that rule over the human lands. The councillors will present the players with the current situation, give them dozens of quests and choices, and implore them for aid.

A11-A12:Knights of Aspenta
The players' first choice will be to travel to the nearby monastery to recruit the Knights of Aspenta so that they have a fighting force to help them against the elementals. They will discover that the knights don't trust anyone, that corruption has spread throughout the lands, and that the PCs will have to prove themselves to the goddess before the knights will pledge their forces. If the players fail, they will have to leave the monastery without an army.

C9: Murder
The players' second choice will be to travel to the city of Fle to assist in its defenses. After they've passed the city of Wothorp, they will come upon a murder that they will have to solve. At this point they will have 5 choices.
  1. Travel to Fle where the murdered came from and investigate.
  2. Travel to Nyal where the alleged murderer came from and investigate.
  3. Travel to Laburh to investigate claims that they are trying to frame Nyal and investigate
  4. Travel to Fle and fight the elementals
  5. Travel to Anta beyond Nyal and fight the elementals
C10-C12: Corruption of Aspenta
The players will have to travel between the cities of Fle, Nyal, and Laburh to discover the truth behind the murder. Succeeding will award the players with a human army that will aid them against the elementals, which they'll need if they failed to recruit the knights. Failing to discover the truth of the murder will result in a civil war breaking out between the councillors, which will give the elementals the opportunity to destroy the Council of Aspenta and thus eventually plunge the human lands into anarchy.

S5-S8: Elemental Skirmish
The players' third choice will be to face an elemental force. Initially they've chosen to fight the magma elementals who are besieging the city of Fle, but they may decide to go help the city of Anta against the smoke elementals coming down from the Mountains of Berun. They can't hope to defeat the elementals without an army, so they will fail if they've failed the rest of the adventure. If they succeed, however, they will gain a skirmish score.

Skirmish Score
The whole campaign has a number of elemental skirmishes the players must succeed before they face one of the four Elemental Lords. The lord that they face is dependent on the score. Defeating the magma elementals will give them a score of 0110 and defeating the smoke elementals will give them a score of 1010. In either case, it seems that they are taking a step towards facing off the Elemental Lord of Water. 

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