torsdag den 30. juni 2016

Elemental War - Session 43

Last weekend we had our first 3.5 session for our Elemental War game, which is the 43rd session with that group of characters.

The campaign actually started many years ago with completely different players. It started out with an elven prophecy that foretold the end of the 3rd Age. The players were set on the trail of four elemental lords that they had to vanquish in order to prevent the destruction of the world. The party failed, and the lords became more and more powerful. This continued until the current party, which is the 5th group to attempt to save the world.

This 5th group started out as the elemental lords sent their armies to destroy the continent of Espreta. After saving as many people as they could, the party went beyond enemy lines to try and find a weakness. They were punished for their evil actions and sent to Hell, where they spoke with powerful demons that told them that not even Hell wanted the world to end. Thus the demons helped the players by inspiring them to create four magical items that could trap the elemental lords before sending them to Heaven. The players travelled through the planes in search of knowledge, skill, and materials to create the items, and when they were ready, they returned to the world. Back in the world, they continued their quest to craft the items behind enemy lines.

The game we played started as the players joined forces again on the last surviving continent. The players had been apart for 2 years after creating the magical items, and had discovered that they could get more done by working together than working apart. As they started playing, they were called to a secret political meeting where they were informed that the elementals were attacking the continent. The game has been created as an open sandbox game where the continent changes according to the elementals actions and the players actions, and thus the players could go and do whatever they wanted.

The players decided to travel to the nearby monastery that housed the Knights of Aspenta, defenders of the land. They learned from the knights that there was a corruption that had spread out across the lands, and the players were tested to ensure that they had not been corrupted. After the test, the knights pledged their forces to the players. The party had learned that magma elementals were threatening the city of Fle on the eastern border and thus sent the knights there. They travelled there by skyship in advance of the army and on their way they witnessed a murder.

Our next game will be a Roll20 game with the help of Skype. Here the players will investigate the murder and the political intrigue that has befallen the human lands. They will discover that the enemy is not simply fighting with armies, but also with other tools, such as corruption and infighting. Hopefully the party can discover the truth about the murder to stop the human lands from starting a civil war.

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