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New D&D Campaign - One of Seven

It has been two months since I last wrote about our Gamemasters project, which failed. I mentioned that it "has led us to start up a new group with only a single DM." and now we have run a session 0 and played our first real session as well, already planning our next session.

We are playing in a homebrew setting that is placed on a large continent divided into four nations. We started out in the Kingdom of Lupos and quickly moved into the Principality of Sethzra where the campaign takes place.

We have created nature oriented characters. One of the players has quit after the first session. The other three players have created a Paladin of the Ancients, Druid of the Moon, and Cleric of Tempest. All three characters follow a peaceful goddess based on a monotheistic version of Eldath. This has created a very cooperative, religious, and peaceful party that attempts to avoid combat, which was why the fourth character (a combat oriented halfling rogue) has left the group, leaving the original three members that broke off from the Gamemasters project.

I have some experience with this specific DM and I therefore have a certain expectation from his games. He is a relatively new DM and has thus much to learn. He doesn't keep track of distance, hit points, events, etc, so I expect a lot of discrepancy. I don't think he plays with monster hit points, and instead simply just decides when a monster should die. He has a lot of puzzles and mind games, and though I enjoy these, they focus on our personal skills rather than our characters' skills. He also has a number of other groups playing at the same time, which are higher level. This will also cause some issues I expect.

I don't know why the game is called One of Seven. The first session didn't actually give us any clue to the overall storyline of the campaign. We were gathered as a party to escort a countess from the Kingdom of Lupos to the Principality of Sethzra where she was to be wed to the prince there. The escort introduced us to a barren savannah land with a few forests here and there and a mountain that blocked our passage west. We came to small communities and encountered soldiers, guards, and a hydra. Eventually we finished the quest and witnessed the wedding, where an assassin used a magical bow to try and kill the prince. This is where we ended the session.

I expect that if I don't want to be railroaded too much and want to have fun, I will have to play my own game while playing in this setting and following the campaign. I'm planning on creating a map of everywhere my character goes and elaborate on our goddess, which is the main aspect of the setting that keeps our group together. The other players are also very keen on developing this deity. For example, we spent a long time at the first session randomly finding a small spring in the middle of one of the forests where we then blessed it in the name of Eldath.

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