søndag den 10. juli 2016

Planning D&D Campaigns

In the past week I've been walking around thinking about future D&D games, which I'd like to share with you now.

3.5 Elemental War
We're currently playing a game set in my homebrew setting of Aspenta at the end of the 3rd Age where elementals are destroying the world with the help of temporal magic. The players are trying to defend the lands and save as many people as possible, while waiting for one of the elemental leaders to show itself. When this happens, the players will attempt to defeat the elemental and trap its essence within a powerful magical item they have crafted.

3.5 Temporal War
After the Elemental War, the world will be at the mercy of the elementals. Only a few survivors will remain. Though one of the Elemental Lords have been captured by the players, they will want to capture the other four as well. To avoid the main antagonist Ithilba from using temporal magic to simply time travel and stop them, they will use chronomancy themselves. Every time they defeat an elemental, they simply go back in time and hunt down the next elemental. Eventually, they will defeat all three remaining elemental lords at the same time and then hunt Ithilba through time to ensure that he fails.

5e Out of the Abyss
At the charity we'll be playing my own version of Out of the Abyss, where the players will have to escape an underground tiefling prison and find their way through the Underdark, only to discover that the Angels of Death have returned in demonic form.

5e Return to Aspenta 
I've been thinking about creating a module type elemental adventure where the players travel to the world of Aspenta in the 5th Age and starts rebuilding. I'm still working on the details and am usually distracted by thoughts on temporal mechanics.

5e Quest for Glory
The 1-on-1 game we're playing is currently set in the Valley of Spielburg and in the future it will spread south to the desert of Ur'Lah, following the original Quest for Glory computer game series.

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