mandag den 22. august 2016

D&D Extra-Life 2014

I've created a 5 min video that shows gameplay footage of our 2014 25 hour D&D 5e game for Extra-Life:

Part 1: 14:09
@00:16 the event begins and I present it.

Part 2: 16:45
@00:50 there's a scene from the invasion of Greenest, where Ravincal shortly describes what the players are generally playing.

Part 3: 20:59
@01:19 there's a combat scene from where the players are chasing after surviving halflings and get ambushed by a rearguard.

Part 4: 23:55
@01:50 a viewer donates to join the game. It's the first time he ever tries to play D&D. 

Part 5: 00:57
@02:19 at this point we reached our goal of $750 and I explain about this threshold along with the next threshold goal.

Part 6: 05:36
@02:50 we've been playing for15½ hours and one of our players fall asleep as the rest of the party infiltrate a halfling cave at an outpost where refugee halflings from Greenest has sought protection from the Dragon Army of Tharsis.

Part 7: 09:12
@03:21 within the halfling cave the players find the barracks, and blow the halflings to pieces with a fireball spell.

Part 8: 14:00
@04:19 we have reached the end and gathered $770 for the Seattles children hospital.


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