søndag den 28. august 2016

The End

A year ago I started this blog. It was my attempt to keep up to date with new trends and technologies. Although Pink Pulse wasn't as large a part of the blog and youtube channel as I hoped, she still contributed. I also dropped the vlogs early in the process since it wasn't something that appealed to me although I did get an insight into it and learned a few things from creating them. In conclusion, I learned a lot about this whole project, but I don't feel that it's something for me, so this is the end of this blog.

What have I learned
I've learned a few things. If I were ever to use blogs more professionally, I would strive to write shorter articles. I also learned to add pictures, and then there's networking and advertising, which is the main thing to do if used in a professional manner. I learned that all of this is not something especially for me, but that I could do it and greatly improve if there was a proper incentive.

Favorite articles
The article I've gone back to the most, and shown/talked to people about most often, is my article about competitive D&D. We're hoping to set something up next year in Denmark, so we'll see how it goes. 

Worst articles
The worst article I wrote I think is my first project update (along with every other project update). These articles were mostly filler, had too much text, and no pictures. I would strive to stay clear of such articles in the future if I were to write another blog.

That's it for this time. Thank you for following and hope you enjoyed some of the articles.

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