torsdag den 16. marts 2017


Join us on an adventure. Experience Defiance in Phlan. Win giveaways from Dragon's Lair. Learn to play rolegames.

Those are the words for the trailer for the new danish D&Danmark youtube series. I was asked to help set it and be the DM for the game. In January, we recorded and the series officially started on saturday 25th February 2017.

I decided to run Defiance in Phlan because it's a good introductory adventure that many viewers may be able to relate to. We divided the five missions so that each player could upload a number of episodes to their youtube channels. Each mission was then divided up into 15-20 min segments to create episodes that would run until June 2017.

The five youtubers we've gathered are TreGangeRød, PinkPulse, MekanikerenDK, Tankeskud, and MikeTheNumbers.

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