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EkstraLiv not at Comic Con

I went through the basics of the charity event EkstraLiv in an earlier post where I also mentioned that we would be trying to hold the event at Comic Con in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, I was informed that Comic Con wouldn't be held in 2017, but has been moved to the beginning of May 2018. There have also been major changes on how we're preparing for the event.

Preparing for the Event
We started out with a project group of 4 who was trying to prepare the event for May in the hopes that we had the skill and ressources to be able to host two events in 2018. Unfortunately, one of the members gave up at the beginning of April, another member couldn't handle the deadlines and stress, which left 2 people with several months of work and 3 months delay. We will therefore stick to hosting only a single event per year.

This change in the project group also meant changes in how we're preparing the event.
  • We won't be creating our own adventure, but will instead be changing a prewritten adventure to a homebrew setting. Furthermore, any DM attending the event will be able to run their own adventure and won't be forced to run the same adventure as the rest of the group.
  • We won't be creating threshold goals, unless someone comes up with some good ideas.
  • Every DM will be responsible for streaming their own game. Streaming won't be a requirement. Simply being a DM that plays during the event and gathers money for the Youth's Red Cross is enough.
  • We won't have famous people at the event. We're still trying to recruit some famous danish people to create commercials for the event though.
We're still looking for more DMs. If you're interested, then sign up on the Youth's Red Cross' site.

Since we're not bringing this charity event to Comic Con, I decided to investigate other potential conventions and found a tabletop roleplaying convention in Copenhagen called Viking-Con. It is a convention at the middle of October and they seemed very interesting in having us. I've given them our entire pitch and am now waiting for feedback from them.

Even though some of us will be hosting our games at Viking-Con, then it is still possible to host a personal game elsewhere, or even over the internet. Furthermore, it's also possible to host games prior to the event and gather money for the event.

Any questions should be sent to Jay_jayjay@yahoo.com

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